Project Partners

Hampshire Record Office

Exhibition at Hampshire Record Office

With it’s mission to ‘collect, safeguard, share and celebrate Hampshire’s rich archival heritage’ it has been a pleasure to work with Hampshire Record Office (HRO) as one of our project partners.

The team have been working closely with HRO to uncover information about pets and pet keeping in the past and to bring those archival finds to new audiences through the exhibition ‘Pets in the Archives’ and a talk and public engagement event.

Surrey History Centre

Surrey History Centre is another of our key project partners. Collecting and preserving the records of Surrey’s past and present and documenting the story of the county and its people from the 12th century to the 21st century, there were many ‘pets’ to be found in the archive here too.

We were pleased to be able to work with Surrey History Centre on our exhibition as well, with the Centre hosting the exhibition in April 2018 and Dr Lesley Hoskins will be giving a talk at the Centre in April.


Wandsworth Heritage Service TOESIE

Completing the line up of local record offices and archives in London and the South-East with whom we’ve been working throughout the project, is Wandsworth Heritage Service. The team have used the archives here to uncover information about pets and pet keeping, in particular the diaries of local resident Florence Turtle (1896-1981). Findings have been included in the exhibition, which will be on display in Putney Library in May and June 2018. Dr Rebecca Preston will be giving a talk on the Turtle diaries as part of Wandsworth Heritage Week.



The Hardmans’ House, National Trust

We are also pleased to be working with Hardmans’ House. Part of the National Trust portfolio, the house was once a 1950s photographic studio and the home of renowned portrait photographer Edward Chambré Hardman and his wife Margaret. The Manchester project team are working with Hardmans’ House on an exhibition of Hardman’s pet photography and a series of public events which will take place in spring 2019.